Forthcoming Events

The 2024 dates for our four themed weeks are now fixed in the village calendar:

Zero Waste Week: 11th – 16th March

Wildlife Week: 22nd – 29th June

Water Week: 13th – 20th July

Zero Carbon Week: 23rd – 28th September

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Re-use & Refill

What do you do with your empty bathroom bottles and jars, empty washing up liquid bottles, empty detergent bottles? Rather than recycling them consider re-using them. It makes sense, buy once use many times.

If each household in Addingham, refilled just one bottle/container each month the village could save more than 19,000 bottles a year going to recycling or landfill!

Refills Map

1 Craven Heifer; 2 The Swan, 3 Ginger Plum, 4 The Sandwich Shop, 5 Hamiltons

There are several places offering refill services:

Addingham Environment Group Pop Up Refill Stall @ Mount Hermon Coffee Pot - helping to reduce single use plastic!

AEG Pop-up refillAEG Pop-up Refill

Launched on 14 September 2023. Run by a team of AEG and Civic Society volunteers at the Mount Hermon church coffee morning on the second Thursday of the month from 10.00 to 11.30 am.

Selling locally sourced eco-friendly washing up liquid, laundry liquid, soap and shower gel from Miniml, plus soap and shampoo bars from the Friendly Soap Company.

To encourage people to think about switching to locally produced, eco and people friendly products and to help reduce single use plastic, we are operating our stall on a not-for-profit basis, so you will find our prices very competitive. For example, our washing up liquid costs £2.00 per litre, compared to £3.06 per litre for Fairy Liquid at Tesco (price checked Tesco Online on 22 August). You can also buy as much or as little as you like depending on the size of the bottle you bring to refill.

Our laundry liquid, washing up liquid, liquid soap and shower gel is manufactured in the Aire Valley, uses plant-based chemicals and avoids ingredients found in many household cleaning and personal care products that are harmful to the aquatic environment or thought to cause skin reactions and other health issues, such as phosphates, micro-plastics, sulphates and parabens. Read more on the Miniml website.

We also stock bars of soap and shampoo bars made by the Friendly Soap Company in Hebden Bridge.

We’re grateful for all the advice and encouragement we’ve had from our friends at Plastic Free Silsden who run a busy monthly pop-up refill stall on a Saturday morning alongside the new ‘Repair Café’. Also, to Mount Hermon for agreeing to accommodate us at their coffee morning.

Do contact us if you would like to know more: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or would like to get involved.

Plastic Free Silsden – Pop Up Refill Stall & Climate Action Silsden Repair Shop @ Silsden Methodist Church, Kirkgate, Silsden BD20 0PA

Repair Cafe Silsden

Repair Cafe Silsden

The Refill Shop now runs alongside a Repair Café once a month on a Saturday morning from 09:30 to 12:00 noon.

Take your empty containers to purchase washing up liquid, shower gel, laundry liquid, anti-bac liquid soap and surface cleaner, fabric conditioner and toilet cleaner.

At the Repair Café, skilled volunteers are on hand to help repair a wide range of things, including clothes, fabric toys, knitted garments, upholstery, furniture, electrical appliances (not microwaves or computers), clocks, toys, picture frames and knife/tool sharpening.

Waste Not Ilkley, 5 Wells Road LS29 9JB (as well as the original shop in Burley-in-Wharfedale)

They do a wide range of refill household cleaning and personal care products, plus a range of wholefood dried food products (take your own containers or paper bags are supplied). They offer click and collect and a delivery service:

Brown Bag Café & Eco Shop -16 Otley Street, Skipton BD29 1DZ

Steep & Filter has now closed. The Brown Bag Café which replaces it sells a much more limited range of food refill products, but still stocks Miniml household and personal care products.


For household cleaning & personal care products. Buy direct for a wide range of household cleaning & personal care products. You can now buy direct from Miniml via their website. Their products are produced locally by the Friendly Chemical Company at their factory on Cononley Business Park, Cononley, BD20 8LG. As well as our AEG Pop Up Stall in Addingham, The Silsden Pop Up, Waste Not and the Brown Bag Café are all stockists of Miniml products.