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The 2024 dates for our four themed weeks are now fixed in the village calendar:

Zero Waste Week: 11th – 16th March

Wildlife Week: 22nd – 29th June

Water Week: 13th – 20th July

Zero Carbon Week: 23rd – 28th September

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There are a number of locations in the village where you may take your unwanted/finished goods to be recycled.

Recycling Map

1.     The Coop (batteries & soft plastics)

2.     Primary School (clothing and shoes, crisp packets, ink cartridges, batteries etc)

PLUS in Ilkley

Milestone Design

Golden Butts Recycling Centre

COFFEE POD RECYCLING Update January 2022

For some time, we have been promoting a coffee pod recycling scheme operated by recycling organisation Terracycle. Village residents could bag up their used pods and drop them off at Pura Eco Store or at the house of a local resident. Once there were several bags, they would be taken to a Terracycle collection point in Pudsey for onward recycling.

However the Terracycle scheme has now closed.

But all is not lost. A new national recycling scheme has been set up, called Podback. Many of the big brands are members of Podback – such as Tassimo, L’Or espresso and Nescafe Dolce Gusto – and these pods can be recycled under the scheme.

Podback is working to get Local Authorities to operate kerbside collections, but this is not available in the Bradford Council District. However, recycling bags are available via Podback or from the website of the brand you use, although it seems only along with an order for coffee pods. However the scheme is aiming to make the bags available in supermarkets at some point. You then take the bag of used pods to a participating drop-off location which will send them off for recycling. The nearest is a shop in Silsden, with others in Skipton and Keighley. Definitely check out the Podback website to get full details and instructions.

The recycled pods are used to make things like drinks cans or plastic garden furniture, while the coffee grounds are used in soil improvers and for generating renewable energy. In the UK, huge numbers of coffee pods end up in landfill every year, taking around 500 years to break down – so clearly a big push on recycling is needed. Compostable coffee pods are also available from a number of companies – these break down in a matter of weeks, and are compatible with some of the most popular coffee machines.