Forthcoming Events

The 2024 dates for our four themed weeks are now fixed in the village calendar:

Zero Waste Week: 11th – 16th March

Wildlife Week: 22nd – 29th June

Water Week: 13th – 20th July

Zero Carbon Week: 23rd – 28th September

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Environment Walk: Points of Interest

We have created an Environment Walk out into the countryside to the west of the village which combines Points of Interest (POIs) for “Water” and “Wildlife”. Click here to download a copy of the walk.

The links below provide additional information about each of the wildlife POIs. For more information about the water points of interest click here.

 Map POI     Place     Theme   
1   Long Riddings Hedgerow   Hedgerow  
2   Bracken Ghyll Golf Course   Golf Course Design
Making space for nature
3   Skipton Road Bank   Wildflowers  
4   A65 to Crossbank Road   The Fields  
5   Counter Hill   Ground Nesting Birds  
6   Daniel Palmer Nature Reserve   Nature Reserve Leaflet