Forthcoming Events

The 2024 dates for our four themed weeks are now fixed in the village calendar:

Zero Waste Week: 11th – 16th March

Wildlife Week: 22nd – 29th June

Water Week: 13th – 20th July

Zero Carbon Week: 23rd – 28th September

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Sustainable Water Addingham

Water is a precious commodity, essential for life, both human life and wildlife. As a society we manage water badly. We place increasing demand on supply, we do not optimise competing needs, we impair its quality and we do not respect the needs of communities and ecosystems downstream. Climate change will not make the challenge of managing water any easier. How can we move to a more sustainable model?

It means balancing the need to provide a clean and reliable supply for human use with the need to prevent water pollution and protect freshwater ecosystems.

How can we move to a more sustainable model? Click here