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The 2024 dates for our four themed weeks are now fixed in the village calendar:

Zero Waste Week: 11th – 16th March

Wildlife Week: 22nd – 29th June

Water Week: 13th – 20th July

Zero Carbon Week: 23rd – 28th September

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Village Becks

Village BecksThere are four main becks in the parish of Addingham, Town Beck (called Marchup Beck upstream of Townhead), Back Beck, Winebeck and Lumb Beck. All have headwater tributaries that are unnamed.

Town Beck is joined by Back Beck in the centre of the village as the beck leaves the Garth under Bolton Road. It flows into the Wharfe at Low Mill. All becks are in relatively poor condition suffering from sediment and nutrient pollution in agricultural areas and from runoff from road surfaces and housing estates in the built-up part of the village. Town Beck and Back Beck are constrained by artificial channels through the village and Town Beck in particular suffers from multiple weirs and culverts that impede fish passage.

4 Becks ProjectIn the summer of 2017 with the help of the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust (YDRT) we set up the Addingham 4Becks project. It was a partnership project made up of representatives from Bradford Council, the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water, the Wild Trout Trust, the Addingham Anglers Association, Addingham Parish Council as well as YDRT and our Addingham Environment Group.

The programme of work centred on our volunteer group of beck stewards, each responsible for monitoring different stretches of Town and Back Becks.

In 2018 we received a £20,000 grant from the Wharfe Flood Levy Programme that enabled YDRT to appoint a project officer to manage the work programme which focussed on flood risk, water quality and habitat restoration.

For more information about the 4Becks Project click here.